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YouTube Site - We also have the Sunday sermons  posted with the slides as a YouTube video.

8/26/2018mp37 MB8/26/2018
8/20/2018mp36 MB8/20/2018
8/12/2018mp36 MB8/12/2018
8/05/2018mp36 MB8/05/2018
7/29/2018mp35 MB7/29/2018
7/22/2018mp317 MB7/22/2018
7/15/2018mp35 MB7/15/2018
7/08/2018mp37 MB7/08/2018
7/01/2018mp37 MB7/01/2018
6/24/2018mp38 MB6/24/2018
6/17/2018mp415 MB6/17/2018
6/17/2018mp36 MB6/17/2018
6/10/2018mp410 MB6/10/2018
6/10/2018mp37 MB6/10/2018
6/03/2018mp310 MB6/03/2018
5/27/2018mp39 MB5/27/2018
5/21/2018mp346 MB5/21/2018
5/13/2018mp36 MB5/13/2018
5/06/2018mp37 MB5/06/2018
4/29/2018mp38 MB4/29/2018
4/22/2018mp314 MB4/22/2018
4/15/2018mp38 MB4/15/2018
4/07/2018mp36 MB4/07/2018
4/02/2018mp36 MB4/02/2018
3/25/2018mp38 MB3/25/2018
3/18/2018mp39 MB3/18/2018
3/11/2018mp39 MB3/11/2018
3/04/2018mp38 MB3/04/2018
2/25/2018mp310 MB2/25/2018
2/18/2018mp37 MB2/18/2018
2/11/2018mp37 MB2/11/2018
2/04/2018mp310 MB2/04/2018
1/28/2018mp39 MB1/28/2018
1/21/2018mp311 MB1/21/2018
1/14/2018mp38 MB1/14/2018
1/07/2018mp37 MB1/07/2018
12/31/2017mp35 MB12/31/2017
December 24 Service
12/25/2017mp312 MB12/25/2017
12/17/2017mp39 MB12/17/2017
12/10/2017mp37 MB12/10/2017
12/04/2017mp39 MB12/04/2017
11/26/2017mp310 MB11/26/2017
11/19/2017mp37 MB11/19/2017
11/19/2017mp39 MB11/19/2017
11/17/2017mp36 MB11/17/2017
11/05/2017mp35 MB11/05/2017
10/29/2017mp310 MB10/29/2017
10/22/2017mp311 MB10/22/2017
10/15/2017mp37 MB10/15/2017
10/08/2017mp314 MB10/08/2017
Oct 1 Anne Fridal
10/01/2017mp38 MB10/01/2017
10/01/2017mp310 MB10/01/2017
9/24/2017mp36 MB9/24/2017
9/17/2017mp39 MB9/17/2017
9/10/2017mp311 MB9/10/2017
9/03/2017mp310 MB9/03/2017
8/27/2017mp39 MB8/27/2017
8/20/2017mp39 MB8/20/2017
8/13/2017mp310 MB8/13/2017
8/06/2017mp310 MB8/06/2017
7/30/2017mp39 MB7/30/2017
7/23/2017mp39 MB7/23/2017
7/16/2017mp323 MB7/16/2017
7/09/2017mp311 MB7/09/2017
7/02/2017mp39 MB7/02/2017
7/02/2017mp39 MB7/02/2017
6/18/2017mp39 MB6/18/2017
6/11/2017mp310 MB6/11/2017
6/04/2017mp36 MB6/04/2017
5/28/2017mp310 MB5/28/2017
5/14/2017mp310 MB5/14/2017
5/07/2017mp312 MB5/07/2017
4/30/2017mp310 MB4/30/2017
4/23/2017mp311 MB4/23/2017
4/17/2017mp37 MB4/17/2017
4/09/2017mp311 MB4/09/2017
4/02/2017mp310 MB4/02/2017
3/26/2017mp39 MB3/26/2017
3/19/2017mp310 MB3/19/2017
3/12/2017mp38 MB3/12/2017
3/05/2017mp310 MB3/05/2017
2/26/2017mp39 MB2/26/2017
2/19/2017mp38 MB2/19/2017
2/12/2017mp38 MB2/12/2017
2/05/2017mp310 MB2/05/2017
1/29/2017mp310 MB1/29/2017
1/22/2017mp38 MB1/22/2017
1/15/2017mp310 MB1/15/2017
1/08/2017mp337 MB1/08/2017
1/01/2017mp311 MB1/01/2017
12/18/2016mp39 MB12/18/2016
12/11/2016mp311 MB12/11/2016
12/04/2016mp39 MB12/04/2016
11/27/2016mp39 MB11/27/2016
11/20/2016mp39 MB11/20/2016
11/13/2016mp38 MB11/13/2016
11/06/2016mp37 MB11/06/2016
10/30/2016mp35 MB10/30/2016
10/23/2016mp39 MB10/23/2016
10/16/2016mp38 MB10/16/2016
10/09/2016mp38 MB10/09/2016
10/02/2016mp310 MB10/02/2016
9/18/2016mp38 MB9/18/2016
9/11/2016mp310 MB9/11/2016
9/04/2016mp38 MB9/04/2016
8/28/2016mp39 MB8/28/2016
8/21/2016mp312 MB8/21/2016
8/14/2016mp39 MB8/14/2016
8/14/2016mp310 MB8/14/2016
7/31/2016mp38 MB7/31/2016
7/17/2016mp312 MB7/17/2016
7/03/2016mp310 MB7/03/2016
6/26/2016mp37 MB6/26/2016
6/19/2016mp37 MB6/19/2016
6/12/2016mp37 MB6/12/2016
6/06/2016mp340 MB6/06/2016
5/29/2016mp39 MB5/29/2016
5/22/2016mp310 MB5/22/2016
5/15/2016mp39 MB5/15/2016
5/09/2016mp322 MB5/09/2016
5/01/2016mp311 MB5/01/2016
4/24/2016mp38 MB4/24/2016
4/17/2016mp37 MB4/17/2016
4/10/2016mp37 MB4/10/2016
4/04/2016mp319 MB4/04/2016
3/28/2016mp39 MB3/28/2016
11/15/2015mp312 MB11/15/2015
11/08/2015mp36 MB11/08/2015
11/01/2015mp38 MB11/01/2015
10/18/2015pdf900 KB10/18/2015
10/18/2015mp39 MB10/18/2015
6/21/2015mp311 MB6/21/2015
6/08/2015mp313 MB6/08/2015
5/24/2015mp313 MB5/24/2015
5/17/2015mp314 MB5/17/2015
3/29/2015pdf18 MB3/29/2015
3/29/2015pdf15 MB3/29/2015
3/09/2015pdf5 MB3/09/2015
Feb 08 2015 - Sermon Notes
2/11/2015pdf9 MB2/11/2015
Feb 01 2015 - Sermon Notes
2/03/2015pdf3 MB2/03/2015
11/03/2014mp313 MB11/03/2014
8/10/2014mp31 MB8/10/2014
7/13/2014mp32 MB7/13/2014
6/22/2014mp38 MB6/22/2014
6/08/2014mp39 MB6/08/2014
6/01/2014mp36 MB6/01/2014
5/24/2014mp38 MB5/24/2014
4/06/2014pdf16 KB4/06/2014
3/30/2014mp311 MB3/30/2014
3/23/2014mp311 MB3/23/2014
3/09/2014mp310 MB3/09/2014
3/05/2014pdf26 KB3/05/2014